Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Pile of Sadness"

Renee came in to my studio this afternoon and asked if she could move my "pile of sadness" to the floor so that she could sit and visit for a few minutes. I replied, "Of course, Renee. I am sorry that I left my clean, but unfolded laundry on the chair. Unfolded laundry, while a constant in my home, is a pile of sadness that begs to be folded and put away. Please move it and make yourself comfortable." Renee replied, "No, Mom. I am referring to the stack of books on the wicker ottoman." I replied, "I don't know what you mean, Renee. These are books that I am reading for the service learning classes that I will be facilitating this semester. These are books of hope, not sadness!" Renee refuted, "How can books about poverty, homelessness, hunger, and racism be books of hope?" In my infinite wisdom, I replied, "Darling, awareness of the social issue is step one in participating in eliminating the issue."

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