Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hypnotize Me

Today I drove to Pittsboro to see the annual Fearrington Folk Art Show. I have been going to this event for several years and yet, I always take a step back from the entrance to the barn and adjust my eyes and brain for the color, materials, and "stuff" that bombard the viewer. This is saying a lot to those of you who know me and my love of a busy aesthetic! Sister Mary Proctor, Mark May, Clyde Jones, Miz Thang, and Sam "the Dot Man" Macmillan did not disappoint again this year. However, the star of the show for me was once again, Gabriel Shaffer. Last year, I was able to purchase a large piece of his work and it hangs above the desk in my study. I love it! This year, I knew that Gabriel's work would be way out of my price range but I wanted to go and chat with him as he is always an inspiration. It was great to catch up with the artist and I was more than pleased to see that for the first time, Gabriel had some of his drawings for sale. Even better, the drawings were affordable. His work hypnotized me as always. How funny that the title of the drawing of the woman and the bird is "Hypnotize me."

Monday, February 16, 2009


beeswax collage

Element: A substance which cannot be broken down into other simpler substances. My friendships with other women are elements. The bonds cannot be broken down into other simpler substances. I am blessed.