Friday, May 29, 2009

Late May

kniphofia (red hot pokers)

monardo (bee balm)

Louisiana flag iris


As May eases into June, baptisia and dahlias yield to yarrow, monardo, red hot pokers and a few late irises. Next up: echinacea, lavender, yellow red hot pokers, and more yarrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Cutting Garden

My garden was designed and planted nine years ago by Ed Steffek, the creator of the Blomquist Native Plants area of the Duke Gardens. Upon moving to Durham in 2000, we purchased a spec home in a brand new neighborhood which happened to be situated on a lot on which a wetlands ditch ran all the way across the front lawn. I was introduced to Ed by a friend and asked him to turn a ditch into a babbling brook. Ed transformed the lawn. In addition to a babbling brook, Ed wanted me to have a cutting garden as well. This time of year, my house if filled with several vases of flowers from the garden. Ed died suddenly a few months after completing my garden. I think of him often in the spring.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Once upon another Mother's Day...

ginger, john patrick, leah, lori mark, jean, leah, lori, john patrick, ginger
ginger and john patrick

Our firstborn were just babies when when we gathered at Ginger's family farm in Goldsboro.

Mother's Day

irises from Luna native North Carolina copper irises
purple flag irises
Blue Moonlight Tall Bearded Iris
wild indigo baptisia

Surrounded by beautiful daughters and flowers make for a rich day!