Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Wonder...

In Luna's studio last weekend, we were painting with beeswax and talking about directions for our art in the coming year. I have not been focused on my own work for most of 2008; too preoccupied with many things of which I have no control. But, at last, ideas and images are beginning to surface in my mind. I work in a narrative series. I like this approach A Lot! And so, I begin my journey of wondering. I photographed most of these images a while ago (Renee shot the railroad crossing photo) and I wonder...was life more restful long ago? I wonder about the minds of those who lived in rustic and isolated areas with space, Lots of Space around those minds. Don't know where any of this is heading, but I wonder...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clement Farm

Clement Farm in Stem, NC

I am finally kicking a nasty case of bronchitis which developed during a sophomore class camping trip in late September. The students were awesome, but the weather was damp and dreary. We camped in tents in the barn right behind these silos. The farm is a peaceful and restorative place: a place I would like to return to without fever and congestion!