Sunday, August 30, 2009

Work and more Work!

Summer is definitely over! First week of school (all three days of it) went well. A few schedule glitches, but at the end of week one, most things are on track. We will graduate our first senior class this year which is quite exciting.
I was able to sneak into the studio for several hours this weekend and completed another piece for the DAC show in November. Yikes, the show hangs in a mere 8 weeks! Lots more to do to meet the deadline.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Late Summer in My Garden

The heat is unbearable these days. As I peer out from the windowsto my garden from the air-conditioned living areas of my home, I realize that the garden reflects me in the late summer! The garden and I are both hot, thirsty, tired, and disorganized. We all both longing for a cool drink of water and a long nap as the new school year begins. However, in the midst of this angst is beauty that doesn't surface until now. Black-eyed susans, night blooming daturas, and a zipper spider compete for my attention tonight at sunset.

New work!

I am on my way to producing the work for my show at the Durham Arts Council Exhibition in November. Way more to go...but I am excited!