Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Emma...because I love her!

MaryAnn and I just returned from a few days with Caroline, Emma, and Jack. Painting and playing and reading with Emma and Jack was refreshing, bringing me back to a sense of what is real and important! Emma, of course, is WAY AHEAD of other three-year olds with regard to color theory. When we ran out of purple paint and had to mix the color, she was quick to tell me to mix red and blue! While visiting, I had the opportunity to paint a canvas for Emma's bedroom. I am convinced that next summer, she will paint her own!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Luna's Garden

Very early yesterday morning, I drove to Luna's studio to paint in her garden for two hours. It has been nearly three years since I left the world of water color to frolic in the world of collage and my rusty skills show it! It was freeing; however, to be forced to paint very quickly outside and to paint without drawing. I needed the freedom to explore the medium again.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

As It Was In The Beginning...

I will be teaching three new electives this school year and am spending much of the summer writing the curriculum for these courses. This week, I have been focusing on the planning for "Botanical Watercolors." I started painting in watercolors 7 years ago and grew to love the medium. Today, I dusted off the top of the fishing tackle box that houses my tubes of watercolors and inventoried the lot. It has been three years since I considered watercolor as my primary medium and I am need of purchasing a few tubes of paint: phthalo blue, lamp black, payne's gray, and lemon yellow are all available in Windsor Newton at Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh. Unfortunately, I am completely out of Quinacridone Gold which is only available online at Daniel Smith! It is my very favorite color in the whole world and although I have a good supply of the hue in acrylic paint, I am without a watercolor tube. I will need to be patient and wait for the order to arrive at my home next week. Patience is a good lesson for me in many areas of my life, but especially with regard to watercolor.